Is Dr. Oz from Oz?

Dr. Oz had a segment on television called Dr Oz Middle Age Cures. During the segment he mentions using lemon balm oil to reduce stress. NO. Lemon balm oil is not used for stress. Lemon balm oil is used topically for skin conditions. What they were actually using on the show was lemon balm tincture, not lemon balm oil.

Dr. Oz put at least 3 dropper fulls into her glass, and then added another one directly into her mouth. NO. This is not the way to take an hebal tincture. You can’t start putting droppers full of it into your mouth willy nilly like they did on the show nor squirt dropper fulls into your glass of water. What are these people thinking? You can over dose on herbs.

Yes, lemon balm is used for stress and anxiety. Lemon balm is a sedative herb. All you need is lemon balm herb and a cup of hot water to drink it as a medicinal tea. Valerian is nature’s Valium and you don’t want to start mixing it with other sedative herbs as Terri Trespico stated. It isn’t necessary to mix Valerian with other sedative herbs. When you start mixing herbs, you have to know what you are doing. Too many sedative herbs can harm you.

Not mentioned on the show are side effects nor interaction with other drugs. Remember that herbal medicine is medicine. Just like prescription drugs, you shouldn’t mix them without consulting someone who understands interactions. For example, if you are taking medication for thyroid issues, chances are you shouldn’t even touch lemon balm much less inject it. Know what you are doing before taking any medicine including herbs. You can read more about lemon balm herb here: Lemon Balm

According to her bio Terri Trespicio is a writer for Martha Stewart, so why is she giving out advice on herbal medicines? It doesn't state anywhere in her bio that she has a background in herbal medicine or natural health. She has a degree in fine arts and creative writing, but there is no mention of any training to discuss herbalism or treatments using herbs.

We are concerned that people setting themselves up as experts throw out advice with no mention that individuals should do their homework before taking herbs as medicine. It is unprofessional to have such a light hearted approach to herbal medicine. It’s irresponsible to play around with herbs in the manner they did on this show.

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